• The Lantern Rite Festival in "Genshin Impact" has officially started
  • Players must finish two quests before the new game mode becomes accessible
  • Theater Mechanicus is similar to classic tower defense but with a focus on elemental combos

The Lantern Rite festival in “Genshin Impact” has officially started and with it comes a new story quest, a handful of new world quests, a new game mode and a new in-game event that players can grind for precious materials.

The Theater Mechanicus is one of the new standout features added to the game. It is a tower defense minigame that will have players defending against waves of enemies.

It’s a fun new addition to “Genshin Impact” that breaks the normal player routine of questing and exploration. Theater Mechanicus also rewards players with the new Peace Talisman currency that can be spent on the Xiao Market in Liyue.

Here’s how to play the new game mode as well as some tips to help players get started.

Use elemental reactions

Veterans of the tower defense genre will find Theater Mechanicus to be a familiar playing field. Players can spend points to build defensive towers across the map. The caveat here is that the towers will produce the different elemental reactions that “Genshin Impact” is known for.

The Mechanicus building screen in the Theater Mechanicus game mode in Genshin Impact
The Mechanicus building screen in the Theater Mechanicus game mode in Genshin Impact MiHoYo

Players will have to juggle the types of towers they create to maximize their potential. Cryo and Hydro can freeze enemies, while Cryo and Pyro can cause Melt reactions that deal massive damage.

Hydro and Electro can be used to deal with large masses of weak enemies thanks to the chain lightning effect. Meanwhile, Electro and Pyro can cause Overload, which is great versus large enemies.

Spam charged attacks and abilities

In Theater Mechanicus, crowd control is king.

While players are unable to damage the enemies by themselves, their abilities can still affect the monsters. Anemo characters such as Jean, Sucrose or the Traveler can provide very strong crowd control for when things get hectic and charged attacks from any character can also knock smaller monsters backward.

Players can also try to throw monsters off the map with knockback effects or Jean’s elemental skill. The Traveler’s Palm Vortex ability can easily lock down a group of small enemies and set them up for a large elemental combo with the help of towers.

Player abilities can also prime enemies up for other elemental reactions. For example, Barbara’s basic attacks can apply Hydro on enemies and help Cryo towers instantly freeze targets.

Choose the right upgrades

There are plenty of upgrades that “Genshin Impact” players can choose after every wave. Be sure to plan accordingly and adapt to whatever fits the situation the most.