• Rosaria is thought to be a new four-star character in “Genshin Impact”
  • She will be a spear-wielder who uses Cryo abilities in combat
  • She first appeared during Albedo’s story quest back in patch 1.2

“Genshin Impact” players have been anticipating the arrival of the nun Rosaria in the game's roster of playable characters. She first appeared during Albedo’s story quest back in patch 1.2, and since then, she has been on many players’ wish list.

While the leak regarding possible future playable characters gave players hope that Rosaria might be one of them, the appearance of her stat sheet in the Chinese website Honey Hunter has all but guaranteed that she’s coming soon. This website has accurately predicted the arrival of the other characters in “Genshin Impact” so far.

Rosaria’s Weapon and Abilities

The page suggested that Rosaria will be a four-star, polearm-wielding Cryo user who is directly affiliated with the Westwind Church of Mondstadt. This will make her the fourth character to wield polearms next to Xiangling, Zhongli and Xiao.

Her elemental skill is called “Confession.” Upon activation, Rosaria quickly dashes behind an enemy and damages them with her weapon, dealing Cryo damage. The ability hits twice, with the second hit dealing more damage than the first.

Rosaria’s elemental burst is called “Sacrament of Life.” Using the ability causes Rosaria to perform a sweep attack before plunging an icy spear on the ground. The spear periodically releases chilling pulses that deal damage in its area of effect. Sacrament of Life lasts up to 8 seconds after casting.

A new polearm wielder is a nice addition to “Genshin Impact,” especially considering that only three out of the game’s 23 characters can use the weapon class. The possibility of Rosaria being a four-star unit will also give players a higher chance of obtaining her due to their naturally-higher drop rate compared to five-star units.

Possible Release Window

There is no definite release date as of yet, but “Genshin Impact” players are expecting Rosaria to be available by the time the 1.4 patch arrives in a few months. Xiao’s “Invitation to Mundane Life” banner is slated to end Feb. 17, and Keqing’s “Dance of Lanterns” banner is set to follow immediately after.

“Genshin Impact” players are speculating that Hu Tao’s banner will be the one following the end of the Dance of Lanterns in March, and it is currently unknown whether or not Rosaria will be included in it.

Rosaria as seen in the Japanese voice actress reveal trailer for Genshin Impact
Rosaria as seen in the Japanese voice actress reveal tweet for Genshin Impact @Genshin_7/Genshin Impact JP Official Twitter Account