• Mora is a vital currency in "Genshin Impact"
  • Players use it to purchase in-game items and upgrades
  • There's a secret place in the game where players could obtain lots of Mora

"Genshin Impact" is now on its 1.5 version and it continues to be a phenomenal success months after its release. With players constantly ascending their in-game character, expenses related to talent and character leveling surge exponentially, costing lots of Mora. For players looking for means to earn 200K Mora quickly, these tips and tricks could come in handy.

Unknown to some "Genshin Impact" players, there is a chest in the game that contains 200K Mora. Many players often overlook it since most of them don't know it exists or where exactly it is located. The best thing about getting this boatload of Mora is that it does not require any player level or completed activity or task.

To find this chest, players should fast travel to the waypoint near the jewel icon in Liyue Harbor. From there, players should head south and move down the main street before the jewel icon of the Mingxing Jewelry. Players would notice a red staircase before the jewelry store. They should use it to reach the second floor and proceed to the second red staircase. 

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact Photo: miHoYo

When they get to the third floor, players must cross the overpass to the buildings on the other side of the street. Players should then go down using the red staircase to reach a balcony with different NPCs. There is another red staircase next to the balcony and players should use it to go upstairs.

Players need to cross the overpass again to get into the Northland Bank. In Tartaglia's story quest, this bank is the primary base of operation of the Fatui. As soon as players are inside the bank, they should go near the teller seated next to a wooden staircase. Players should climb this and walk the narrow path on the top of the stairs. That path leads to the balcony where players could find the chest containing 200K Mora.

Unlike other chests that respawn countlessly, however, this chest can only be claimed once.