• "Genshin Impact" was released on September 28, 2020
  • The new RPG title is playable on PS4, Windows PC, iOS and Android devices
  • "Genshin Impact" is also coming soon to Nintendo Switch

“Genshin Impact” grossed around $100 million just a few days after its official release. The game has been downloaded and installed by 17 million users just a week after it became available on various gaming platforms. With the game’s phenomenal success and with a lot of players online, some competitive players would like to know how to level up fast in the new action RPG title. 

Here are some tips and tricks on how to strategically level up faster than others in “Genshin Impact.”

Use Fast Travel WayPoints And Defeat Bosses

Just like other RPG titles, it is easier to start “Genshin Impact” through exploration. This means opening chests, discovering new locations in the map, completing quests and clearing dungeons, to name a few. Unlike other games, “Genshin Impact” has fast travel waypoints that could help players level up faster.

These fast travel waypoints are also called fast travel pillars and finding as many as possible is crucial for the player’s progress in the game. Exploration in “Genshin Impact” also means encountering enemies of varying levels. It is important to note that the level of the enemy’s toughness increases as the character levels up. 

The more bosses defeated, “Genshin Impact” players could level up faster. Upon reaching the mid-game, a lot of new items are available. These items would further aid players in advancing the Adventure rank faster. The more XP the player gets, the faster it is to level up.

Complete Commission Quests

When players reach Adventure rank 12 in “Genshin Impact,” access to the Daily Quest, also known as Commission Quests, becomes available. Completing this quest every day will help players collect more XP and, as a result, level up fast or increase the Adventure rank. Daily quests offer around 250 XP and an extra 400 XP for players who could complete them all.

Aside from those, “Genshin Impact” players should explore the world and collect geoculus and anemoculus along the way. Offering these items to Statues of the Seven yields lots of adventure rank XP.

Spend Original Resin

Original Resin are used on activities to collect adventure rank experience. In other words, letting these items sit is a waste of resources. “Genshin Impact” players can spend Original Resin on Ley Line Blossoms that also rewards a good deal of adventure XP.

“Genshin Impact” is now available on PS4, PC, iOS and Android devices. The new RPG title is also confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch.