• Hu Tao story quest is now live in "Genshin Impact"
  • Some players are having a hard time opening doors in "Perfect Send-Off"
  • Here are some tips and tricks on how to solve puzzles in the Hu Tao story quest

Hu Tao is finally available in "Genshin Impact" via the Moment of Bloom banner. Her story quest, titled Perfect Send-Off, is now available and sees players accompanying the pyro character in a long dungeon teeming with monsters, spiders and ghosts. Players looking for ways to solve the tricky puzzle in the quest could use some tips and tricks in this guide.

Yellow Signs

In a step called "Follow the Path to the Border," "Genshin Impact" players will find themselves in a place that seems like a temple. Here, they will fight enemies and open mysterious doors by looking at the yellow signs correctly. This part is not the main problem in the quest, but some players find it very tricky.

Players will find yellow signs on the rocks, and they must look at them in a way by which those signs make up one icon. To do this, players need to stand on a yellowish light on the ground and adjust their camera several times until the signs turn light yellow and the door opens. Those who could not make the signs blip can try changing their position on the ground.

Character Teaser - "Hu Tao: Scared Yet?" | Genshin Impact
Hee-hee, did I scare you? Eh? My appearance is less of a shock, and more of a pleasant surprise? Mm... Then, should I call this a farcical failure — or a splendid success? Gebshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

Main Puzzle

The Hu Tao Perfect Send-Off Quest's main puzzle places "Genshin Impact" players in a room with a huge door. They will see a gigantic spider web on the left-hand side and a blue orb in the room's center. They should grab the blue orb but must not use it just yet.

Players need to destroy the spider web first and move forward. After that, they must enter the cave and swim to the left until they reach a new path. Following this path leads players to a blockage made of boxes. They should go past these boxes to find the green portal. After that, they should turn left.

Players will then find themselves in the same mystery door's room. Once again, they will see the same spider web and blue orb. They need to grab the orb and light up both lanterns near the door to unlock it. After that, players need to follow the yellow objective points and reach the final cut-scene. This is a confirmation that the challenge is completed.