• "Valheim" is the new survival game from Iron Gate
  • The game offers an expansive map that features a lot of interesting activities and battles
  • For those looking for ways on how to improve the quality of their skills, they can check out this guide

The progression of the player's journey in "Valheim is gauged on the level of their skills. Unlocking, improving the quality, leveling up and maximizing skills in this action-adventure title ensure the players' survival and make several activities less daunting. This guide might come in handy for players wondering how to unlock, boost and maximize their skills.

'Valheim' Skills And Their Max Level

Currently, there are 15 skills in "Valheim" group into three clusters. These are Damage Done To Enemies, Personal Attributes and Damage To Environmental Objects. Some skills like running, jumping and sneaking easily progress without players' conscious efforts. Other skills like bows, blocking and swords require time to hone. Players can max out each skill in "Valheim" up to level 99 with dedicated practice. However, maxing out skills is not that easy. If a player gets killed, they lose 10% of their proficiency upon revival.

How To Boost And Max Skills

To do this, players need to be in a multiplayer co-op mode and look for teammates. They also need to choose the weapon that they want to get the most upgrade. After that, they need to turn off the PvP damage on the weapon. This is a flaw in the game but, by far, the fastest way to max out weapon skills. Players can level up and max out their defensive skills using this process as well. The process is just the same, but instead of turning on the PvP damage on the weapon, this time, they should turn it on themselves and equip a shield.

Valheim PC Gamingshow 2020 Reveal Trailer Welcome to the Tenth World! Photo: Coffee Stain Official YouTube Channel

There is another way to improve the quality of skills in the game. First, players must decide which skill to improve and reach 100%. For instance, players who want to improve their swords should first fill themselves up by eating. After that, they can just beat a big stone using their sword for a long time. If the stamina drops to its lowest, players need to drink the potion.

Those wondering how to improve their running and jumping skills have to beat Eikthyr to achieve this. After defeating the boss, players get a new skill boost called Eikthyr. This boost allows players to decrease their running and jumping stamina by 60%.