Twitter and Facebook users are congratulating “Seinfeld” actor Jason Alexander following the announcement that Prince William and Kate Middleton have named their newborn son George Alexander Louis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named the child after his great-great-grandfather George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II. Alexander, who played the unscrupulous George Costanza for nine seasons on the hit NBC sitcom, has no known royal heritage.

Nevertheless, “Seinfeld” fans around the world made the connection between the 53-year-old actor and the royal baby, whose name includes Alexander’s last name and his character’s first. Twitter users couldn’t be more ecstatic.









It gets even eerier than that. No shortage of tweeters also noticed that the child’s third name, Louis, is also part of the last name of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine Benes on the show.







So far, neither of the actors tweeted back at the well-wishers, but it didn’t take long for the official Twitter account for the “Seinfeld” TV show to capitalize on the announcement.



Incidentally, it was more of the same on the “Seinfeld” Facebook page.

Despite the urge to draw a “Seinfeld” connection, all three of the baby’s names have historical significance -- George, of course, being King George. Alexander dates back to 13th-century kings of Scotland, in addition to being one of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names (Alexandria). And Louis is one of William’s christened names (William Arthur Philip Louis).

Still, as children of the '90s, both William and Kate were no doubt heavily exposed to the most popular sitcom of the era, so it’s at least feasible that the names were floating around their heads for other reasons -- not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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