George Clooney
Clooney's bathtub scene with Lopez in 1998's "Out of Sight" was one of the sexiest moments of the 90's! We know he's dating a new gal every few months so when he's done leasing Stacey Kiebler he wouldn't look too bad next to Lopez. Now what would their couple name be. Clopez? Looney? Reuters

He's been labeled The Sexiest Man Alive, has directed and starred in multiple films, and he has a new young girlfriend every few years. Yet George Clooney experiences gloom just like everyone else. He even consumes more alcohol than he can handle. The Oscar winning megastar told The Hollywood Reporter:

I do enjoy drinking, and there have been times in my life when it's crossed the line from being fun to having to drink late at night for absolutely no reason. So what I do is, I stop. I haven't had a drink since New Year's Eve.

The actor is receiving tremendous accolades for his performance in 'The Descendant', about a man who must quickly learn how to be a father after his wife ends up on life support. Though he is riding high on the success of the film, he's received multiple awards for the role; he still struggles with a head injury he obtained on the set of the film Syriana in 2005. He revealed:

I've gone from where I can't function, where 'I just can't live like this,' to 'I've got a bad headache. As the day goes on, it gets worse. My ears will literally pop and my head goes ape-s---. But I'm scrappy.