Meghan Markle should not be compared to Princess Diana, according to netizens.

George Clooney recently spoke about the Duchess of Sussex and compared the harsh criticisms Markle received to those of her late mother-in-law. According to the “Catch-22” star, Prince Harry’s wife is being pursued and vilified in the same way as the People’s Princess, and he is blaming the media for it. However, some Twitter users don’t agree with the comparison, and they even slammed Clooney and called him “clueless.”

“Oi , George clueless. Not even close, and it is actually qute insulting to suggest that, may have to report you for a hate crime,” Kaspa wrote.

“She is nothing compared to Diana, Meghan is an actress and has played the royal family good and proper,” Ama Thomas wrote then added that the duchess is “bringing the royal family down.”

Meanwhile, user Miss Mabel urged Clooney to just shut up because he knows nothing. Linda Floyd also didn’t agree with the comparison because for her, Princess Diana and Markle are in different situations.

Floyd pointed out that it’s odd how Markle is so caring toward strangers but doesn’t find time to see her father, Thomas Markle Sr., following her royal wedding to Prince Harry.

A different user named Nina also commented that the comparison is irrelevant because Markle is “vastly protected.” In addition, Princess Diana made over 300 appearances in the first year of her marriage at the age of 21 and faced the world press and heavy pressure from the family to deliver.

PIers Morgan voiced same opinion about the comparison. According to him, Markle wasn’t naive like the 19-year-old virgin Princess Diana when she met Prince Harry. The journalist added that Markle “milked all the global fame and attention that subsequently come her way with obvious glee.”

There is absolutely no comparison when it comes to the amount of media attention that Markle and Princess Diana received. The late Princess of Wales was one of the biggest stars on the planet when she was still alive while the Duchess of Sussex isn’t even in the top three biggest stars in Kensington Palace. Morgan finally pointed out that Clooney is wrong in blaming the media for vilifying Markle because those things were made by her own family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Netizens were not happy about George Clooney comparing Meghan Markle to Princess Diana. Pictured: Markle and Prince Harry attend a gala performance of ‘The Wider Earth’ in support of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust & the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy at the Natural History Museum on Feb. 12, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson