George Lucas
George Lucas Reuters

In Hollywood, George Lucas is one of the pioneers who used the latest technology to bring amazing special effects in movies. The director, known for 'The Star Wars' saga and 'Indiana Jones' series, has now declared that he would not make any more blockbuster film, in his interview with New York Times, ahead of the release of new movie 'Red Tails.'

I'm moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff, he told NYT.

According to industry insiders, Lucas felt scorned after his latest film 'Red Tails' received a cold response, triggering questions whether the all black-cast film would do well in the box office.

So if Lucas' decision is firm, 'Red Tails' is going to be his last 'Blockbuster' movie with Hollywood backup. After this, the director said he plans to do personal and art-house style film with self-finance.

Movie 'Red Tails' starring Cuba Goodding Jr. is about Tuskegee Airmen, the first African- American pilots in the U.S. Army and their journey of serving during World War II, despite the stumbling block they faced, caused by racial prejudice. The movie has plenty of thrilling aerial action and Lucas said this is the first all-black action movie ever to be made in such a big scale.

'Red Tails' opens in theaters on Jan. 20.