Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor in "Thor: Ragnarok," which is set for a 2017 release. Getty

It’s official: Chris Hemsworth will be in the “Ghostbusters” reboot. Director Paul Feig announced that Thor himself -- better known as Hemsworth -- would appear on the female-led movie in a tweet Wednesday evening.

Feig made the announcement by sharing A picture of Hemsworth with a slight grin on his face. The director captioned the photo “Our receptionist” and then added the hashtag whoyougonnacall. The post received hundreds of shares and more than 1,000 favorites after it was posted on his verified Twitter account for two hours.

The new “Ghostbusters” is a reboot of the 1984 movie that famously starred Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. The 2016 version will have all ladies in the lead. As of now, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones have been cast.

Feig is excited about having the women involved the project, he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Those four ladies I have starring in it are so funny and that’s half the battle,” he said about the film. “I’m going to battle with the best army I have. My whole crew from all my other movies have come aboard, and some great special effects people have come aboard -- I have never really done this level of effects before -- and I’m excited!”

Part of the reason he’s so excited is because Feig believes a reboot is necessary, even if Murray refuses to be involved. “I thought, ‘Why don’t we go into this and reinvent it so we can go into a world that doesn’t have ghosts?’…I love origin stories. I want to see them come up with the tech. I want to see them seeing a ghost for the first time, as opposed to ‘Oh yeah, all those years ago there was a ghost attack on New York,” he told EW.

“Ghosbusters” is expected to hit theaters July 22, 2016. A preliminary plot synopsis does not appear on the Internet Movie Database, but Katie Dippold is working on the screenplay.

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