• Theresa Balboa was arrested Tuesday
  • Samuel Olson was reported missing on May 27
  • Police discovered a body believed to be that of Samuel's on Tuesday
  • Balboa is currently held in Jasper County Jail

The girlfriend of a missing 6-year-old Houston boy's father allegedly tried to mislead detectives investigating the case, saying the child’s mother had taken him away from her after threatening her with kidnapping charges. The woman was arrested after police discovered that she was lying.

Police now believe a body found in a motel room about two hours northeast of Houston on Tuesday to be that of the boy.

Theresa Balboa, 29, has been detained on charges of tampering with evidence in connection with the disappearance of the child, Samuel Olson, Houston's Assistant Police Chief Heather Morris said in a press conference Wednesday. Samuel is the son of Balboa's boyfriend Dalton Olson. He has been missing since May 27.

Upon receiving reports of the missing child, police detectives arrived at Dalton's residence in Houston Thursday to gather information. When the investigators showed up, Balboa told them Sarah Olson, Samuel's mother, and an unknown police officer had come to Dalton's residence in the morning. Dalton was not around at the time.

According to Balboa, Sarah told her to return Samuel, threatening her with kidnapping charges if she did not do so. Balboa then told the officers that Sarah had taken the boy and left the house.

However, when Dalton called up Sarah, he discovered that the boy was not with his mother. Investigators later found that Sarah had stayed at her residence all day.

Based on an anonymous tip, Jasper Police Department detectives discovered the body of a boy Tuesday night at a Best Western motel about two hours northeast of Houston. The investigators have not completed the identification process but they believe it is Samuel's body.

Balboa may face additional charges as the investigation continues, Morris said. She is currently held in Jasper County Jail and is expected to be returned to Houston.

In an interview with KPRC 2 Wednesday, Dalton said he wants justice for his son. "I don't know what's going on. I found out what happened last night," he said. "I can barely breathe."

When asked about Balboa, Dalton responded, "Why? He loved you so much. I do not understand what happened. Why did you, why did you do this?"

Meanwhile, Samuel's heartbroken mother Sarah issued a statement through her attorney. "She feels that if Samuel is deceased ... [and] that this is her child after the identification process, she feels 100% of the blame is on both Dalton and Theresa," Marco Gonzalez, her attorney said as per ABC 13.

"I ask the entire Houston community to join Houston Police Department in sending prayers for Samuel and his family," Troy Finner, Houston Police Chief said in a tweet.

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