A few moments of some “me” time is recommended to keep your body and mind refreshed. It is especially needed during a time when things are uncertain, like these past few months. Just as your favorite gadgets need to be charged to be functional again, your mind and body also need some time to fuel their juices.

Lovin’ Your Body

To keep your body in tip-top shape, you need to eat right and do physical activities. The combination of both significantly helps in ensuring that your body is strong and healthy.

1. Take vitamins and nutrients

vitamins Vitamins can help keep your body healthy. Photo: Ylanite Koppens / Pexels

Keeping your body healthy and functioning at its peak might be a hard task but it is not impossible. You can invest time on exercising, eating right and taking the right vitamins and nutrients. 

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As part of their dedication to help you maintain good health, they are offering a 5% discount if you order today.

2. Find an exercise you can do everyday

yoga Be active with the help of yoga. Photo: 李磊瑜伽 / Pixabay

Aside from taking supplements and consuming healthy and nutrient-rich foods, a healthy body will also need you to be physically active. This is where yoga comes in. It is a beginner-friendly, less strenuous activity to keep you moving while clearing off negative vibes.

Inner Dimension Media understands that it is difficult to do it on your own so it came up with the idea to set up this whole support system. It is a streaming platform offering high-quality videos of yoga, meditation and other content geared towards your personal growth. The platform’s yoga content includes yoga for beginners, yin yoga, power yoga, prenatal yoga and Pranayama practices.

To get you started, Inner Dimension offers a 10-day free trial without commitment. You’ll surely have enough time to get immersed in its wide variety of content and will eventually realize its vast resources are what you need to get you going each day.

Healing Your Mind

Your body isn’t the only one that needs regular nurturing. It also helps if you have a clear mind to pair up with that healthy body of yours. 

3. Find ways to relax your mind

relax Learn to relax your mind. Photo: Thomas Breher / Pixabay

Meditation does a lot to the body. A study revealed that optimum well-being is achieved only through a balance of one’s physical, spiritual and mental aspects. It emphasizes the school of thought promoting that a healthy body can be achieved by interrelating all aspects of a human being. This is exactly what Hemi-Sync had in mind when it started its operations.

Hemi-Sync started when Robert A. Monroe stumbled upon the impact of certain audio patterns on states of consciousness. His 1950s work has been regarded as an opening to health breakthroughs including improving alertness, inducing sleep and evoking expanded states of consciousness. 

The service offers audio patterns that can help with well-being, learning & memory, stress management and relaxation -- perfect concepts to get into during these uncertain times.

4. Listen to experts

meditation Consulting experts can be great way to feed your mind. Photo: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

Many might not think much about the impact of their thoughts on their overall health. Rasmussen and Scheier concluded that having positive thoughts significantly helped in seeing positive physical health outcomes. With this in mind, it is best to get rid of negative thoughts and energies. But the greatest question is - how?

Jonathan Parker is a spiritual counselor with 40 years of experience in helping individuals cope with their struggles with the use of energy healing and enlightenment. He offers a wide range of services to help you keep a healthy mindset. Parker offers online courses, MP3 audio programs and astrological reading to help you be at your best.

Time to Love Yourself

The right time to love your body is now. Each little step you take can go a long way. You can start by taking supplements to bridge the gap left by not having access to healthy foods. Also, you can add an hour or so of walking to keep your body moving every day. These little actions can greatly contribute to your body so it can be at its best at all times.