On April 13, George Stephanopoulos revealed on "Good Morning America" that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He then shared that he was not surprised he contracted the novel coronavirus, as his wife, comedian Ali Wentworth, had also recently dealt with it. However, following the news, the ABC anchor faced criticism for his decisions he made after his diagnosis.

The former White House Communications Director revealed in a recent tweet that he had received confirmation of clearing the virus due to the fact that he had tested positive for COVID antibodies. The ABC personality then revealed that he had subsequently signed up for a clinical trial so that he could donate his blood plasma. The donation, he said, will occur in the next few weeks.

Stephanopoulos' tweet can be seen below.

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The news came after critical comments had been made about his recent decision to go to several public spaces without a mask despite the fact that he was aware of his diagnosis. After visiting a local drugstore in East Hampton, New York, last week and walking his dog on a private golf course, Carrie Doyle, one of his neighbors, shared her thoughts on his "disconcerting" behavior.

"If you know someone’s wife has corona and the wife has been very very sick with it, do you think that the husband should be out at pharmacies picking up prescriptions when the pharmacy delivers and does curbside pickup?" Doyle asked.

According to Page Six, others were also concerned about the GMA host's behavior. "For somebody who reports on the pandemic every day, and is broadcasting guidelines about safe social distancing, George didn’t really seem to care,” a witness told the publication. Continuing, he asked, "He tested positive, his wife tested positive, why can’t he follow the local mandates to wear a mask in public, why can’t he just stay home?"

Aside from the conversation that has surrounded Stephanopoulos' positive test results, others on the ABC show have also remained in the news throughout the ongoing pandemic for several reasons. Not only did co-anchor Robin Roberts decide to begin fulfilling her on-air appearances from her home studio while she self isolates, but those on the show also recently discussed a colleague's passing on a live broadcast.

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"Good Morning America" is hosted by Michael Strahan, George Stephanopoulos, and Robin Roberts. ABC/Lou Rocco