The Go Talk To Her campaign is dating guru Adam LoDolce's newest contribution to the single men of the world. Its aim is to inspire men to hit on women in public, getting them back in the role of initiating in-person encounters rather than relying on women to make the first advance or sticking with online dating sites.

The new dating advice movement is a bold proposal in a modern world in which walking up to a girl and talking to her seems like an almost revolutionary concept for many singles.

The campaign is part of the roll-out of LoDolce's new film of the same name, "Go Talk To Her." The film aims to walk men through his program for getting back out there and initiating contact with women they would like to meet.

LoDolce's campaign is getting a lot of buzz from folks who follow these things, as outlets like Cosmopolitan magazine tout it as the hottest new dating advice plan.

Here are LoDolce's top five dating tips:

1. Go talk to her: The proposal isn't so named for no reason. The centerpiece of his argument is that many women would like men to approach them in public, and that the results from doing so may prove surprisingly successful in this day of hands-off electronic dating. Simply walk up to a woman in a coffeshop, at a bar, or in a park and start a conversation. It's not about using one-liners or other skeezy maneuvers, but rather talking to women in the interest of starting a genuine dialogue. It's not such a crazy idea when you think about it.

2. Learn and practice the skill of approaching women: LoDolce claims a deep understanding of the psyches of both male and female singles, and he knows that dating in this day and age can seem daunting and scary. As such, he explains that approaching women is a "learnable skill," and lays out some of the basic steps toward learning that technique. He says it's just about approaching women as individuals and speaking to them as humans. What a great idea!

3. Forget everything you've learned about dating: Many single men have been trained in the art of picking up women through the "game," which can be described as the aggressive technique of using psychology and personality-reading against girls to snag them for one-night stands and other meaningless sexual activity. But LoDolce argues that that's the wrong approach in today's dating world. Men should forget all the tricks and schemes and focus on old-fashioned courting and even simply hitting on women. It's worked millions of times before, and he maintains that it can still work today.

4. Learn what women want: LoDolce argues that many modern women don't want to find their potential mates in bars or clubs. Instead, he believes that they would rather find men in the light of day, while sipping on a cup of coffee, running errands, or even just walking down the street. It's about establishing a meaningful connection, not trying to take advantage of intoxicated girls, or using a dark bar to cast yourself in a better light.

5. Watch the "Go Talk To Her Film": The movie that accompanies LoDolce's newest foray into the dating advice market is available to view online for $3.99. Simply go to the campaign's Website, type in your name and e-mail address, and you will be taken to a payment page, through which you can gain access to the full video. And it's backed by "The 100% Money Back for ANY Reason 'Until You Die' Guarantee," so it's not even much of a commitment. Especially when compared with the wedding that may be on the horizon if you take the movie's advice to heart and actually go up and talk to the woman of your dreams. Hey, it's what your grandfather most likely did.

Before taking the plunge and actually purchasing access to the full-length video, you can watch the trailer and see if you're inspired by pressing the play button below: