With new iterations comes new systems in Bandai Namco’s "God Eater 3." New players may still find the game different if they’ve done their research, and returning players may find that new battle and Aragami systems are not the same as what they know. Here are some tips to help you get started with the new Aragamis in "God Eater 3."

Stay in burst mode for more power

According to the tips from the "God Eater" Reddit, some features in "God Eater 3" work really differently from its previous "God Eater 2: Rage Burst" iteration, which encourages new strategies to fight off the Ash Aragami. Unlike the previous iterations, "God Eater 3" encourages the players to stay in Burst mode to beat up the Ash Aragami faster, but this also limits their choices in keeping it up for indefinite times.

As of now, "God Eater 3’s" Burst Arts are bonus complimentary attacks available only during Burst mode. While they don’t immediately kill the Ash Aragami, the whole process is done quicker due to the 10 to 30 percent damage boost stacked up with the Burst mode damage buffs. All in all, Burst them up with devour then beat them up for maximum damage.

Quick devour over charged devour

To enter Burst mode, players must take a bite out of the Ash Aragami using either the quick or charged version of it. The quick version is done through R1+triangle in the middle of any combo, while the charged one is done through a hold triangle and release input. The players seem to favor the quick devour due to changes with the Link Burst bullet system changes.

As of the previous versions, players can stack up as many Aragami bullets and pass them to teammates to keep their burst gauges active for as long as they want. However, "God Eater 3" only limits each player to a maximum of three Aragami bullets, which discourages charged Devours as players will never go beyond the cap. Lastly, "God Eater 3’s" Ash Aragami are mostly fast creatures, which makes it extra risky to charge up a move and not expect to get thrown to side with their massive swipes.

General Defense

Due to the new Dive move and Ash Aragami having their own Burst and Devour moves, "God Eater 3’s" general defense mostly relies on player evasion than blocking. The Dive move is somehow a mix of a dodge and a block as the move propels the characters forward with their shield up. The forward lunge is so far that it can close the gap between or get away from the enemy easily. However, Dive takes more stamina to use than a regular evasive Steps move so don’t use it too carelessly.

Lastly, the Ash Aragami also has a Devour move and goes into its own Burst mode once it takes a successful bite out of the players. The attack is unblockable with a regular Guard move, which encourages players to get out of the way fast. While Perfect Guard does block this move, the timing is difficult to pull off when you’re starting out. If you see some sort of crimson goop forming around the mouth or limbs of the Aragami, it’s time to get as far away as you can as some monsters go on a rampage to hit as many players as they can.