Consumer behavior has shifted during the coronavirus pandemic, and one of the biggest places where the change can be seen is in the restaurant industry.

No longer are customers casually flocking to dining rooms as some restaurants still remain closed for eat-in dining, relying instead on takeout orders, delivery, and curbside pickup for revenue.

While restaurants, in general, have had to overhaul the way that they do business in order to survive during the COVID crisis, one chain’s model, in particular, is looking for ways to reinvent itself to stay relevant during the pandemic.

Golden Corral, which previously relied on a buffet-style format for serving its customers, closed its door temporarily last year as lockdown orders across the country shut down nonessential businesses.

While the restaurant chain wasn’t alone, it presented more of a challenge for Golden Corral to overcome than others. Its buffets would no longer be allowed under COVID guidelines, forcing the company to rethink its reopening plans. But Golden Corral got creative and incorporated family-style and cafeteria serving to prevent the spread of the virus as consumers looked for safe and contactless ways to eat out.

CEO Lance Trenary told Business Insider its “business model was virtually outlawed overnight,” adding that “there were some dark days.”

Now Golden Corral is taking additional steps to make sure it stays ahead of the consumer trends it sees occurring during the pandemic.

Trenary told Business Insider that the company is reworking its core business model by adding drive-thrus in two forms – a virtual form that utilizes a QR code and one that is similar to a carhop service as Golden Corral restaurants were not built to be equipped with drive-thrus attached to its buildings.

Currently, the company has six active drive-thrus at its restaurants with plans to open more in the coming weeks, the news outlet reported.

Alcohol is another trend that Golden Corral is using to boost its revenue as the company has partnered with Icee and Coca-Cola to sell frozen drinks like a Jack and Coke Icee, Business Insider said. This is a departure from Golden Corral’s family-friendly image as it was previously hesitant of selling alcohol, Restaurant Business Online reported.

Trenary hopes the changes that Golden Corral is making will attract new customers while keeping loyal fans happy. He told Business Insider that the pandemic “forever changed how consumers think about dining out.”

Golden Corral Golden Corral is pictured. Photo: Getty Images/John Greim/LightRocket