Goldman Sachs Group Inc partners have sold $108 million in shares in recent months, cutting their total ownership stake to about 10 percent from 11.2 percent, the New York Times reported on Monday.

The Goldman partners own their stake collectively, the New York Times said. They have agreed to act in unison on shareholder votes, the newspaper added. The next annual shareholder meeting has not been set, but it is typically held in May.

Citing data from U.S. regulatory filings that were later analyzed by The New York Times and, Goldman's 483 partners sold 655,120 shares in the two months ending in late January. The average sale price was about $162 a share.

That compared with the sale of shares valued at $75.5 million in the 60 days before the end of November, the New York Times said.

The top two sellers in the most recent period were Gregg Felton, a senior executive in the firm's asset management division, who sold almost $8 million in shares, the New York Times said. Philippe Altuzarra, a banker, sold about $6 million worth of shares.

During the same period slightly more partner-owned shares were pledged as collateral for personal loans, 561,070, up from 546,500, the New York Times said. is a division of Morningstar that scrutinizes corporate disclosures.