The Good Wife
Alicia (Julianna Margulies, left) is not happy with Eli (Alan Cumming, right) in the promo for the Season 7 midseason premiere of "The Good Wife." CBS

Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Eli (Alan Cumming) have never had the warmest relationship on "The Good Wife." However, after the Season 7 midseason finale, things between the pair are downright hostile. Eli confessed in the episode to erasing a voicemail from the late Will Gardner (Josh Charles) from Alicia's phone in Season 1 in which Will told her he loved her ... right before he was killed. That is some tough news for Alicia to take and a promo for episode 11, airing Jan. 10, reveals she is not taking it well at all.

In the promo video, Alicia sits at the dining room table silently digesting the news while Eli sits waiting for her reaction.

"I'm sorry," he tells her.

"I need you not to talk," she warns him.

Eli says he wants to try and explain, but he does not get the chance. Alicia stands up and goes on a rampage, hurling her drink across the table before grabbing a stack of glass plates and hurling them one by one at the now fleeing campaign strategist. When a terrified Eli finally gets out of the house, Alicia slams the door in his face. It seems safe to say that Alicia is angry!

Watch the promo for the midseason premiere below:

The synopsis for episode 11 reveals that, unfortunately, Alicia is going to have to try and tolerate Eli despite his heartbreaking confession. The episode description continues that Alicia and the rest of the Florrick team will be jammed in Peter's (Chris Noth) campaign bus as they head to Iowa for the Presidential caucuses. Then, Peter makes a risky move that could end up backfiring.

What could go wrong with putting Alicia and Eli on the same bus right now? If the promo is any indication, a lot, but fans will have to wait to find out if the claustrophobic environment gets the best of them. "The Good Wife' Season 7 midseason premiere airs Jan. 10 on CBS.