The saying “When one door closes, another one opens” works in terms of Hallmark Channel TV shows, too. Fans said goodbye to Season 5 of “When Calls the Heart” this past Sunday, but the network’s working quickly to help fill that void by premiering Season 4 of its magical series, “Good Witch.”

While the franchise kicked off 10 years ago with the first “The Good Witch” movie, it’s grown to become so much more than just one whimsical and romantic film each year. Season 1 of its continuation TV series premiered in 2015, giving Goodies multiple nights per year of new stories featuring their favorite Middleton characters. Since then, the show and its movie specials have only gotten more exciting, including the Season 3 finale last year which saw Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam (James Denton) getting engaged. Unfortunately, this exciting news didn’t have the perfect ending once the couple learned their kids were fighting with each other.

With “Good Witch” Season 4 premiering on Sunday, International Business Times simply had to catch up with Bell to find out how the new engagement will affect the kids and the show as a whole, as well as what other surprises fans can look forward to from the new episodes.

International Business Times: At the end of last season, Cassie and Sam are just about to tell their kids about their engagement when they find out that they’re fighting. Will Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) and Grace’s (Bailee Madison) fighting affect Cass and Sam?

Catherine Bell: Well, it definitely doesn’t make it easy, especially when we’re about to go share some incredible news, and then now they’re hating each other and we’re about to say, ‘Guess what, we’re all gonna live together, isn’t that great?’

So, it’s great because it just provides for some good conflict and twists and turns. And I have a teenage daughter myself and just life and a family and kids and their needs and wants and then the parents’ don’t always line up and how do you figure that out? How do you make it work and hopefully make everyone happy? Or learn to compromise.

IBT: When the kids do eventually find out, will they be happy for their parents?

Bell: Well, I mean, it is Hallmark and we do tend to make sure people are happy and things end well, right?

good witch original 1
James Denton and Catherine Bell star in Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch.” Crown Media / Shane Mahood

IBT: What can you tell me about this “Good Witch” wedding? Will it happen quickly or will there be a long engagement and planning stage?

Bell: Well, there are some twists and turns along the way during the course of the season. So we may have it planned a certain way, and things might change and it might not go exactly as we planned. Cassie seems to be better at going with the surprises that life brings you.

[There are] some fun episodes coming up along with that whole storyline and just like, “When is the wedding going to be?” and “When do we plan it?” and “What does he want versus what do I want?”

IBT: Is the wedding and the planning of it going to be a major focus of this season?

Bell: It definitely is a big part of it. Definitely. And some fun, magical twists along the way of different elements that come in by “accident.” I call those “Cassie accidents,” when things just happen. You’re thinking it was going to go this way and then all of a sudden it’s that way, but maybe it was exactly how it was meant to be.

IBT: Will Cassie go a little bridezilla about anything?

Bell: No, definitely not. Even a wedding doesn’t ruffle Cassie enough.

IBT: With the wedding on the horizon do you think Cassie and Sam will consider having more kids?

Bell: I don’t think so. I think they’re good with their kids being almost college-age, but you never know. I guess anything could happen.

IBT: Aside from the wedding storyline, what other plots are you excited about this season?

Bell: We always have such great stories, a lot of great storylines going. We’ve got things going with Grace, Bailee’s character, and Nick, their relationship, also their friendships and other things that happen to them with their friends at school. We’ve got some fun stuff with the mayor.

And my other favorite thing, too, we’ve always done this in every movie and all the way into the series, is all the different guests and people that come into town and the different things that they bring. It’s like a whole new storyline because here’s this person, and they bring a problem or some interest or some struggle or something into the town. And then Cassie and the rest of the cast have to figure out how to help them or how to make that situation better in some way.

IBT: Are there any new characters, in particular, that you’re excited about?

Bell: Some of the characters might get some new love interests. I don’t want to give too much away, but there are a couple of those that are kind of exciting and fun and attractive people. I won’t say male or female, so you’ll have to guess which character I’m talking about. But yeah, there are some exciting new developments in the town of Middleton.

IBT: Anything else you want to share about “Good Witch” Season 4?

Bell: It’s exciting. The upcoming wedding and Sam and Cassie’s love and then the obstacles they have to face to continue to get there are pretty exciting, I think. I love Sam and Cassie, whenever they’re on screen, like “Oh, they’re so cute.” I think the fans will appreciate it as much as I enjoy doing it.

“Good Witch” Season 4 debuts on Hallmark Channel on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.