There are only a few episodes left of “Good Witch” Season 5, which means there are also only a few episodes left featuring Bailee Madison’s Grace.

It was announced earlier this week that Madison would be leaving the Hallmark Channel drama after this season, just as her character is graduating from high school and heading off to college. At the same time, the network also revealed a bit of good news for Goodies, which is that the show has officially been renewed for Season 6!

Before Madison’s departure, and before Season 6 even starts filming, there are still five episodes left of “Good Witch” this season, including Sunday’s Season 5, episode 6, titled “The Road Trip.”

International Business Times has an exclusive clip (watch above) from the new episode, and it features Grace front and center, along with her mom, Cassie (Catherine Bell).

Fans have been enjoying their sweet mother-daughter relationship since the show first began in 2015, which is why this clip should be a nice indication that they’ll be getting a few more good Cassie-Grace scenes before the season’s over and Grace leaves.

In the “Good Witch” clip, finding the college-making decision to be difficult, Grace asks her mom, “How am I supposed to know which college will make me happy?”

“Well, which one feels right,” Cassie asks her in response.

good witch 506 clip grace cassie
Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Grace (Bailee Madison) share a sweet mother-daughter moment in Sunday’s episode of “Good Witch.” Crown Media / Steve Wilkie

Grace reveals she’s still unsure about her feelings toward the different colleges, but she, Cassie and Sam (James Denton) all agree that her taking a road trip to check out Cassie’s alma mater should help sort out some of those feelings.

While there, Cassie will be giving a speech because the medical school will finally be having its first official holistic medicine class, and she’ll be speaking about her own shop and practice.

As for Grace, she’ll be hosted by a student in the dorms, where she’ll get to see first-hand what a weekend of college life at Wellingsley is like.

According to the synopsis and trailer, Cassie gets the chance to reconnect with her old friend Willow (guest star Kathy Najimy) while on the trip because Willow’s teaching the holistic medicine class. Of course, while catching up, Cassie helps out her friend with a tough decision she’s been trying to make about her future.

Back in Middleton, “left to watch Grey House, Sam and Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) try to channel Cassie when helping father-son guests to communicate better,” according to the synopsis. “Meanwhile, Martha (Catherine Disher) switches to a hard-hitting gossip format to improve her TV show’s struggling ratings, and Adam (Scott Cavalheiro) surprises Stephanie (Kylee Evans) with a date.”

Catch new Season 5 episodes of “Good Witch” on Sundays on Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. EDT.