Chromecast Ethernet Adapter
Google Wednesday began selling a $15 ethernet adapter for Chromecast, but the accessory quickly sold out online. Google

If you've ever had to deal with Chromecast's spotty Wi-Fi reception, Google is now selling a $15 ethernet adapter. The bad news is the adapter already has sold out. Google began selling its new Chromecast ethernet adapter through its U.S. online store Wednesday, but after just a few hours, the product already was listed as "out of stock."

After its release in 2013, the $35 Chromecast quickly became one of the most popular over-the-top streaming devices available for users who want to turn their HD TVs into connected screens capable of playing content from online services like Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube and Hulu. Unfortunately, the Chromecast relies entirely on Wi-Fi, and for many users, the Google device sometimes fails to connect properly to their wireless Internet networks.

With the ethernet adapter, Chromecast owners can solve their Wi-Fi problem by plugging their streaming device directly to their Internet routers. But it seems the Chromecast Wi-Fi problem may have been widespread as the ethernet adapter quickly sold out.

Google has not said when the Chromecast ethernet adapter will be back in stock or if it will become available through other retailers, as is the case with the streaming device. The Internet company did not respond to a request for comment.

Chromecast Ethernet Adapter
With the Chromecast ethernet adapter, users can plug their streaming devices directly to their Internet routers. Google