Google has added widget shortcuts to its Google Now home screen. However, this new feature is not going to be available to everyone just yet. For now, only those who have the beta version of the Google app will have access to the shortcuts.

On Monday, VentureBeat reported that the beta version of the Google app for Android has been updated with shortcuts to certain widgets. Since the shortcuts are displayed on the Google Now home screen, they appear on top of the cards below the Google search results bar.

Users who have the Google beta app can access the shortcuts in two ways. First, they can launch the Google Now home screen by tapping inside the Google Search box widget on their home screen. The other way is by simply swiping right from the home screen on any of their Pixel smartphones.

The shortcuts are only present in version 6.10.35 of the beta app. The different widget shortcuts available as of this time include weather, the calculator, nearby restaurants, Solitaire, nearby ATMs, Tic Tac Toe, a coin flip, My Events and nearby coffee shops. The list of displayed shortcuts is updated real-time based on the shortcuts users frequently launch.

One can also access the full list of these widget shortcuts by tapping the View All button at the end of the row of shortcuts. The shortcuts are categorized into the following: Nearby, Tools, Travel, My Stuff, Entertainment, Weather and Fun.

All of the features that now have shortcuts can be accessed by manually searching for them. However, this update on the Google Now home screen makes it easier and faster for users to launch them. Sad to say, the widget shortcuts are only available to the Google beta app for Android. Search Engine Land says they are not found on the iOS equivalent of the app as of late.