Smartphone carriers are offering discounts on the popular Google Pixel smartphones to cash in on Black Friday demand.

Verizon, which holds exclusive rights to the U.S. carrier version of the device, is offering the 32GB Google Pixel and Pixel XL for $240 and the 128GB models for $360. But customers will need to pay $650 in advance — the price difference will be deducted in equal monthly installments from his/her monthly bill throughout the 2-year contract.

Alternatively, customers can also get Pixel 32GB at $10 per month and the Pixel XL 32GB for $20 per month, while the 128GB versions of the devices will cost $15 per month and $25 per month respectively, from Verizon before 11:59 p.m. EST, Nov. 25. Customers switching from other carriers to Verizon or adding a line to an existing account with the company will get $200 off on all Pixel devices. The deal runs from Nov. 24-27 and applies to Android phones priced above $400. Current Verizon customers upgrading to Google Pixel devices will get a $100 discount.

Verizon and Best Buy are offering the Google Home voice assistant device for $99.99 ($30 off). Verizon is also offering 6-month free YouTube Red subscription on purchase of the device, “for a limited time” that hasn't been specified.

Staples and Target are offering the Google Chromecast for $25 ($10 off), while Verizon is offering 3 months of HBO Now access, worth $45, to new subscribers on purchase of the Chromecast. The offer is also valid on the purchase of a Chromecast Ultra, priced at $69.