While everyone is focused on the technologies that are being showcased at CES 2017, Google silently updated its Google Calendar app for the iPhone this week. The update brings Apple Health integration into the iOS app, so that users will keep track and be more motivated to reach their fitness goals. 

On Thursday, Google released an update for its Google Calendar app that turns the to-do app into a sports-oriented tool. With Apple Health integration, users will not have to worry about achieving their Goals anymore. According to 9to5Mac, there is also an additional feature that will automatically mark fitness tasks as finished whenever the user is done with them. Another tweak adjusts the intelligent Goals feature, so users can make the most out of their allotted time for exercise.

It can be noted that users had to manually mark the Goals they already accomplished to avoid receiving reminders about them. Now that the Goals are automatically marked as “done,” users do not need to do anything or worry about getting Goal reminders every so often. 

With the update, users can now sync their Google Calendar app on their phones with Google Fit and Apple Health, so their fitness efforts would be documented religiously. The performance tracker has also been upgraded to show a visual representation of how close users are to completing their fitness goals, as per Android Authority

Last year, Google introduced the Goals feature to its Google Calendar app. The feature is designed to help users find sufficient time to work out amid their busy schedules. It runs on machine learning, so it relies on algorithms to identify the times that it would be fitting for users to squeeze in simple activities to achieve their Goals, as reported by CNET

The Google Calendar app is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store