Alphabet's Google is teaming up with French supermarket operator Carrefour to roll out voice-activated food shopping in France.

In a press release, Carrefour said the new voice-activated service, which works with Google Assistant, is part of its efforts to expand in e-commerce and reflects widespread usage of voice-activated technology in France.

Through the new service, users will be able to dictate a shopping list of generic food items to Google Assistant, which will then automatically add products to Carrefour's shopping cart for checkout. Google Assistant integrates with Carrefour's e-commerce inventory to ensure products are available. The tech stockand Carrefour have had a partnership since June of 2018, the companies noted in the press release.

The AI system powering the service will reportedly learn over time and gradually become better at customizing shopping lists the more the user engages with Google Assistant. If there is no shopping history, Google Assistant will recommend items based on price and sales.

In order for the service to work, customers have to link their Google account with their Carrefour account and allow Carrefour France to share the customer's purchase history with Google. The supermarket operator said that users can dissociate their accounts at any time. If a person doesn't use the service for 30 days, it will automatically disassociate the accounts.

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A woman walks below the logo of Carrefour Planet supermarket in Bordeaux
A woman walks below the logo of Carrefour Planet supermarket in Bordeaux, southwestern France, January 19, 2012. REUTERS