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The simplest way to increase your speed on Chrome for Android is a simple hack that changes how much of your device's memory it uses. Google Inc.

Google’s Chrome browser for Android is a beautiful thing. Thanks to its unique gestures, its sometimes even more fun to use than its desktop equivalent -- but users of high- and mid-range Android phones and tablets may recognize that it feels as if it could be much faster.

A quick and easy hack can increase Chrome for Android’s memory usage, thereby making it all the more snappier. That being said, if you tend to multitask on your phone while leaving a bunch of tabs open, this hack has that side effect of bogging down your Android’s overall performance.

By default, Google has limited the amount of random access memory, or RAM, that Chrome for Android utilizes to 128 gigabytes. You can bring that all the way up to 512GB, but you may want to try half that amount first.

Prepare to increase your browsing speed on Chrome for Android to warp factor 9. First, open a new tab, and enter the following text string:


Then, press the Enter, or return key on your keyboard. A menu will pop up in the browser window. Change the “128” setting to “256,” or “512” if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Then tap the “Relaunch now” button.

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Options for Android's Chrome Browser include 128, 256 and 512. Tap the drop-down box and increase the amount of RAM it uses by default for a serious speed boost. Thomas Halleck / International Business Times

We noticed a significant increase in the speed that Chrome for Android allowed us to move between open tabs, and a huge boost in the browser’s ability to scroll. If you aren’t a fan of Chrome’s increased memory usage, you can always dial it back by entering the same text string as above and re-selecting “128.”