• Google is discouraging Huawei smartphone owners on sideloading their apps on their devices
  • Sideloaded Google apps could cause security issues on these phones
  • Google is currently unable to secure their apps on newer Huawei phones

The makers of the Android OS are discouraging Huawei phone owners to not install their apps on the smartphones. Each Google app installed on smartphones are tested and secured first and Google has no control over the apps that forced into Huawei phones. The company is currently working on solutions to verify and secure the official Google app users.

According to the official statement from Google, the company is securing the safety of Google app users through discouraging them from using sideloaded Google apps on Huawei devices. These sideloaded apps are not verified and could put the users at security risk through using them with their emails and other services. Huawei has previously confirmed that sideloading is the only way that Google services can be used on their smart devices.

In the previous year, Huawei has been included in the Entity List which limited their business options in America. As Google is a U.S.-based company, Huawei’s partnership with Google was numbered and both companies were given some time to adjust their operations without the other company. Huawei still expresses its interest to keep working with Google after the ban.

However, Google cannot provide updates to Huawei’s Android operating system and Google App services due to the Entity List ban. Huawei has resorted to sideloading the Google apps onto their platform through one of its own apps as the Chinese company still develops their own brand of service apps.

The sideloaded apps are not handled by Google and could potentially endanger the user’s privacy, and data security. Even so, some Huawei phones are certified under Google’s Play Protect app as they were made prior to the Entity List ban to the Chinese company. Google has provided a site for users to check if their smartphones are counted in the certification and can still use Google’s services apps securely.

As of now, Huawei is still getting reprieves on the Entity List ban which allow them to keep working with their U.S. partners for a few months. However, the Chinese company is still unsure when will the ban end and be allowed to work with Google without anything holding them back.

For Google, the American leader in internet research, the cloud is a growing priority
For Google, the American leader in internet research, the cloud is a growing priority AFP / Fabrice COFFRINI