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Live stream is now over, but check out all of the Google event's details below

View the live stream for Google's 2017 product launch event here. We will also be updating with live blog details. Find start times below.

Live Blog

Rick Osterloh back on stage: Thanks guests and live stream viewers for participating.

Google Clips Announced

  • Parents and pet owners in mind
  • AI engine at core
  • Hands-free camera looks like camera with indicator light
  • Save on Google Photos
  • $249, Coming soon

Google Pixel Buds Announced

  • Tap to play, stop, pause
  • Swipe for volume
  • Tap and hold for Google Assistant
  • Real-time translation - 40 languages
  • 5 hours listening time with one charge
  • Color options: Clearly White, Just Black, Kinda Blue
  • Availability: November
  • Price: $159, Preorderder today

Google Daydream View

  • Upgraded lenses and fabrics on the headset
  • 250+ VR titles in Daydream
  • Price: $99

Juston Payne takes the stage

Pixel 2 Price and Availability

  • Pixel 2: $649 - Preorder today
  • Pixel 2 XL: $849 - Preorder today
  • First Availability: Austrailia, Canada, Germany, India, U.K., U.S.
  • Later: Italy, Singapore, Spain
  • Verizon exclusive, Project Fi
  • Google Home Mini free with purchase for limited time in limited markets

Pixel 2 Camera Details

  • Pixel 2 has DxOMark rating of 98 (passing iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8)
  • F/1.8 aperture, HDR, OIS, new autofocus mechanism
  • Portrait Mode - One camera + Machine learning, dual pixel sensor -- Works with objects, works with front facing camera (selfies), works with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL
  • Fused video stabilization - OIS and EIS works at the same time
  • Motion Photos
  • Free unlimited storage for all images/video, Pixel users take twice as many photos than iPhone users
  • Transfer from older device in 10 minutes or less

Mario Queiroz back on stage

Pixel Camera optimized for AR

Characters from SNL, YouTube, NBA, Starwars

AR Stickers -- exclusive to Pixel - Stickers can react to environment and each other

Augmented Reality: ARCore -- SDK for Android

"Accuracy rate of over 95 percent for voice recognition."

"Lens" images, books, movies, albums, locations

Grab emails, web addresses, phone numbers

Discusses Google Lens

Aparna Chennapragada takes the stage

Pure Android Oreo

Active Edge feature - Start Google Assistant by squeezing sides of the phone (Hi HTC!), works even when the phone is in a case.

Now playing feature - Music identified with machine learning.

Sabrina Ellis takes the stage

Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Announced

  • 5-inch, 6-inch (XL)
  • Aluminum body, rear fingerprint sensor unlocks faster than any other device
  • Front facing stereo speakers
  • No audio jack, Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • Pixel 2: 5-inch Full HD OLED display, Color options: Kinda Blue, Just Black, Clearly White
  • Pixel 2 XL: 6-inch P-OLED QHD - edge to edge display, Color options: Just Black, Black, White and Black
  • IP67 dust and water resistance
  • 7 hours of charge in 15 mins

First Google Pixel brought Google Assistant, best camera phone

Mario Queiroz takes the stage

Google Pixelbook Announced

  • Chrome OS, Google Assistant - best of hardware and software with AI at the center
  • Thinnest lightest, 10mm thin, 1kg light
  • 4-in-1 design: Notebook, Tablet, Tent, Entertainment mode
  • 12.3-inch touch screen Quad HD resolution 235ppi
  • Intel Core i5, i7, up to 16GB RAM, up to 512GB SSD
  • 10 hours battery life, 2 hours charge, USB-C
  • Instant Tethering: Connects to Wi-fi with pixel phone
  • Google Home key lets you type your request instead of speaking
  • Google Pixelbook Pen - circle to start action - 10ms of latency, 60 degrees angular awareness, 200 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Google Play Support
  • 3 configurations
  • Oct. 31 availability
  • Price: $999, Preorder today for US, Canada, UK
  • Pixelbook Pen $99

Matt Vokoun takes the stage

Google Home Max Announced

  • 20x more powerful than Google Home
  • Speakers tuned for ideal situations, not the real world
  • SmartSound - tune speaker to correct location effects, done dynamically, move and configure in seconds, adjust depending on time of day or events (like dishwasher running)
  • YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio
  • Plug in other devices with aux
  • Google Assistant enabled
  • Stand vertically or horizontally
  • December availability, $399
  • Chalk, Charcoal color options
  • U.S. + more markets coming next year
  • 12-month YouTube Red subscription

Google Partners with Disney, Warner Brothers, and other kid-friendly brands

50 new experiences to kids to learn

Family Link accounts for Google Home -- link accounts with children under 13

Broadcast - share message with all other Google Home devices in a house

Rishi Chandra back on stage

Six new Nest hardware products

CTO of Nest, Yoky Matsuoka takes the stage

"Google Assistant works with over 1,000 smart home products from over 100 brands."

Google Home compatible with find my phone with Android even when the device is silent (and iPhone, with a phone call).

My day feature

Rishi Chandra back on stage

Google Home Mini Announced

  • The striking simplicity of design. Almost entirely encloser is made of fabric
  • 4 LED lights, control by touch - to pause music, talk to assistant
  • 360-degree sound
  • Wirelessly connect to Chromast speakers
  • Colors: Coral, Chalk, Charcol
  • $49, Preorder today available Oct. 19 to all seven Google Home countries

Discussing Google's design influence

Isabelle Olsson takes the stage

Hands-free calling to US and UK later this year, use personal phone number, verified through Google app

Voice match rolling out to all seven countries where Google Home is available

"An assistant can only be useful if it knows who you are."

Voice match - build a model of your voice

Investing in voice recognition for different age groups, genders, accents

Google home launching in Japan later this week

Discusses Google Home

Rishi Chandra takes the stage

"Made by Google products represent the ultimate Google experience"

Google Home can pick up voices in a noisy room, Google Wi-Fi picks up connections as people move devices through rooms, Pixel revolutionized end to end photo experience for users.

55 million Chromecast users, Google Wi-Fi #1 mesh router, 100 million unique answers for Google Assistant, Google Pixel among the highest sales, rave reviews, best smartphone camera.

Media montage of Google products

Address HTC team joining Google

Addresses the launch of first Pixel devices last year: Google Pixel, Daydream View, Google Home etc.

Rick Osterloh takes the stage

Image of children from the Dominican Republic and South Dakota speaking to each other through Google Translate.

AutoML first introduced at Google I/O three months ago - more accurate image recognition that human-generated models, object detection.

AI + Software + Hardware

Addresses limitations in Google Calendar, "Software needs to fundamentally change how it works. It needs to learn and adapt."

AI first computing. Conversational, Ambient, Contextual, Learns and Adapts

Mobile first to AI first world

2 billion Google translations each day

Discussing machine learning and AI efforts in Lagos, Nigeria.

12 p.m. Google CEO Sundar Pichai takes the stage. Addresses Las Vegas and recent hurricanes. "Google is committed to doing our part."

Start Times

New York : 12pm
Dubai : 20:00
Berlin : 18:00 Uhr
London : 17:00
Ankara : 19:00
Sydney : 3am

Devices Expected

Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL
Chromebook Luxe
Google Home Mini
New VR hardware