Growth and Reach:
Comparing Google+ with Facebook, the new social network site has outpaced its rival in subscriptions during the launch period. Facebook gathered 30 million users within a 7 month period when it opened the website in 2006. Google+ already has 20 million within nearly a month and they have not even started marketing yet.Google+ has yet to go public and garnering new users may not prove to be a problem for the search giant. Their extensive reach through Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and other Google services will attract and keep visitors once Google+ decides to officially open its doors. A simple notification in the navigation bar of a web browser or its millions of Android devices will flood the site with users. ComScore

After a slew of angry reactions from the Google+ users, whose accounts have been taken down to fit the company’s ‘common name’ policy, Google made a public statement explaining its moves.

Google’s employee Kirrily “Skud” Robet’s account was suspended asking for her ID verification. Some of the accounts were taken off without the knowledge of the users.

Google started with this mass deletion of accounts, this weekend to ensure there is no fake profile and to fight spams.

“When you create your profile, our system will check the name you submitted for unusual characteristics. For example, numbers, symbols, or obscure punctuation might not be allowed,” Google posted.

However, this might not prevent users from creating a fake account using names, which do not have the characteristics objected by Google’s system in it.

The accounts taken off, were of many, who want to have the Internet conversations in privacy or would prefer to use a pseudo-name to avoid political connections or controversies.

Google SVP of Social Gundotra reportedly admitted that the company had made a couple of mistakes in taking off accounts to prevent fake profiles.

Bradley Horowitz, Google VP said, “We’ve noticed that many violations of the Google+ common name policy were in fact well-intentioned and inadvertent and for these users our process can be frustrating and disappointing. So we’re currently making a number of improvements to this process.” Google plans to bring about few innovative improvements like warning alert to users to correct their name in advance ,in case of any suspension , a clear indication about editing the name of users which conform Google community standards and better expectation setting as to next step and time frame for users who are engaged in this process.

“If your Google+ Profile is suspended for not using a common name, you won't be able to use Google services that require a Google+ Profile, but you'll still be able to use Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Blogger, and so on,” Horowitz added.