Google+ has hit it off with users the world over who wanted to get the latest slice of technology on hands. There is a delirious response to the search giant's newest social networking service, which is hyped by many to deal a death blow to Facebook, Twitter and the like. Users' comments, shared on Twitter, reveal how the social networking enterprise has become a big hit among netizens.

I´m testing #Google+ for some days now. I must admit: it´s the better Facebook. Is it also the better Twitter? Hope to meet you in G+ soon, tweeted 'mac_kal Reinhard'.

Interestingly at least one Twitter user tweeted minutes ago that would-be users can now go directly join the service, without wanting to have someone invite them.

RT @balabe87 #google+ is open now.. u can directly go and join using ur google account.. no more inviations.. tweeted 'razmohan'.

This came hours after reports showed that, faced with an invitation super glut, Google turned away even those with a legitimate invitation on hand. Google had to block the invite option after it confronted what was termed as an insane amount of invitations. Google's original plan was to give access to only a select few, who would get a chance to invite 15 of their friends, who then get to invite 15 more each.

Though the mad frenzy to get into Google's social 'circle' has crippled the service so to say, those who got in there have come away mighty impressed.

Testing Google +. So far, it has lots of promises... And looks a lot like Facebook ;), tweeted Jean-Paul Fritz.

Google+ is perfect for rapid random connections thus it is certain to succeed. Both Facebook and Twitter have a real competitor, said 'thomaspower'.

While Facebook may have had a head start in the social networking model, Google is poised to play catch up very soon. Google has millions of users availing of its free services like email, Docs etc. besides enjoying a near monopoly in search business.

Integration into the whole gamut of Google service is evidently the biggest selling point of Google+. As Google+ offers to integrate its social line into the whole range of free Google service, why would million of those people ever want to go to another website for purely social networking purpose?

Twitter+Facebook=#Google+! What I got in short 'smart Google'! You can start following anyone on Google+ by assigning a circle!, tweeted 'NitinKrishan'.

Some others are highly impressed with the way the new service helps users integrate all their other accounts through Google+.
Strange question how google+ identified all my twitter friends and put them in the suggestion list??. tweeted 'ibawwad'.

Google presented Google+ as the fast and furious way forward into the future of search. Coincidentally it turned out to the most vicious attack on Facebook ever.

Google figured out the major drawbacks in the Facebook model of social networking could be fixed in an innovative way. An official blog post said the Facebook model of social networking is 'sloppy', 'scary' and 'insensitive', without naming Facebook, of course. Google said the way we connect with people has to be reworked drastically to accommodate myriad sensitivities, nuances and angles.

But some early users have also found issue with the way the new model works. I guess where #Google+ fails is that you cannot invite ppl. Makes it pointless for a social site. Once the hype is over, do you return to it?, Volker Ballueder tweeted.

According to Google, the existing social networking model has lowered friendship into the status of fastfood, where people wrap everyone in 'friend' paper.

Not all relationships are created equal. So in life we share one thing with college buddies, another with parents, and almost nothing with our boss, Google said in the blog post.

Some users though, don’t care much for the new war brewing in the world of Internet. #Google and #Facebook are acting kinda like children. Really geeky and freakishly powerful children, tweeted Nicki.

Yet others say they would join the new service if only for the thrill of taking part in an effort to pull down a behemoth. I don't have the motivation to start another social network on #Google+. If anything, I'd do it to mess with Facebook's egemony, says Joelle Hatem.

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