Google brand logo
Google's new "I'm feeling curious" feature yields random facts, while helping to promote the company's new brand and logo. Google

Feeling curious? Google has started dispensing facts to visitors who aren't sure what to search Google for, and just want to know more about the way the world works. Typing in "I'm feeling curious" (English only for now, it seems) brings back a random fact from the Internet. Examples produced during testing included "How often do we get a full moon?", "Why is Edgar Allan Poe famous?" and "Why is misses spelled Mrs?"

But look closer, and users will notice something. The loading animation is almost identical to the one by Jean-Marc Denis, Google's senior interaction designer, who shared the news of Google's new logo on his Twitter account. It's unlikely to be an accident that Google's "I'm feeling curious" search prominently features the animation in the way it works.

The animation is similar to one seen previously on the new Android Marshmallow boot logo, also featuring four colorful dots morphing to life. The new Google logo also looks very similar to parent company Alphabet's branding. A consistent theme is emerging across all Google-related brands, and "I'm feeling curious" is a clever way of familiarizing the public with Google's new identity. With the search engine boasting over 250 million U.S. visitors a month, there'll be no lack of exposure.