Google Play Store
Google's new Play Pass subscription service gives users access to hundreds of apps and games from the Play Store. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Google might be planning to launch a new loyalty program for the Google Play Store. The loyalty program will allegedly reward users with points when they make any purchases from the Play Store.

Recently discovered code inside the Google Play Store APK revealed strings related to the loyalty program. The codes were first discovered by 9To5Google. The site was able to dig up strings “introducing Google Play Points,” which first emerged in versions 11.5 and 11.6 of the Play Store. Users will be able to sign up for this new loyalty program if they want to earn points. The new program will be represented by a new tilted square icon that features the colors of the Play Store.

The codes further suggest that those who sign up to the loyalty program will be able to earn points when they buy music, movies, TV shows, books and Android apps from the Google Play Store. For example, if a user buys a $1 app, they will earn one Play Point. If a user is able to earn enough Play Points, they can have it exchanged for Google Play credit. Credits earned can then be used to make future purchases on the Play Store, according to Droid-Life.

Based on the code discovered in the Google Play Store APK, it looks like the loyalty program will also be available in Japan. There are strings in the code that suggest that a purchase of ¥100 will give users 1 Play Point. If that’s converted to U.S. dollars, ¥100 would just be under $1. This is the reason why it’s assumed that a purchase of $1 will equate to 1 Play Point earned.

Google’s loyalty program for the Play Store will also allegedly incorporate “Levels,” which will allow users to rank up and get specific “Level Benefits.” Unfortunately, there’s currently no information on what those benefits will be. However, there are a total of five Play Points levels, which are represented with different medals. Users will be able to keep track of their progress with a new “Points History” section in the Play Store app.

Google hasn’t confirmed anything about this alleged new loyalty program for the Play Store. There’s also no word yet on when it will be available to users.

In addition to the discovery of this loyalty program, 9To5Google also discovered that some other changes will be coming to the Play Store soon. This will include a new voting system for ranking apps and redesigned account page that feature options inside the menu that’s presented in a tab-style format, as pointed out Android Authority.