To get in the holiday spirit, Google has released a countdown for its Santa Tracker Christmas Eve launch, which includes games and activities for those who can’t wait.

For more than a decade, Google has held its Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve, which lets people see where Santa is delivering gifts on the night. The Santa Tracker opens up exclusive games on Dec. 24 for users who download the app from the Play Store for free, or by using Street View on their desktop on Christmas Eve.

While there are still 16 days left until Santa starts delivering presents, people can take part of the activities that lead up to the day by downloading the app or going to

How To Play Games On Santa Tracker

The games can be found in Santa’s village, where elves prepare for the big day at the North Pole.

“This year they’ve realized they have to study up on geography and coding to ensure santa’s sleigh goes on the most efficient path around the world using the most advanced algorithms,” the description this year says.

Santa’s village, which opened on Dec.1, allows people to learn about basic coding skills, create original artwork, put to their geography knowledge to the test and learn about AI and machine learning. The site also lets teachers download lesson plans on coding and other topics.

google santa village
Google launches Santa's Village as it countdown the Santa Tracker feature on Christmas Eve. Google


As of Thursday, Santa’s Village included the game “Wrap Battle,” a music activity in which users have to hit every note. In the game “Present Bounce,” which was released on Thursday, players have to put the gift inside Santa’s bag. Everytime a gift makes it into the bag, the user is taken to another level with a different obstacle course.

This year also brought new games, including “Santa’s Canvas” and “Speed Sketch.” In “Santa’s Canvas,” users can create digital art pieces, which include interactive wallpapers. The game “Snowball Storm” will be unlocked on Dec. 16 and the “Elf Ski” activity will launch on Dec. 21.

Learning Activities

Clicking on “Holiday Traditions” in Santa’s Village opens up a map of the world. Users can pick a place and learn Christmas facts about a certain location. “Code Lab,” “Code Boogie” and “Code a Snowflake” are all learning activities. There is also a “Translations” activity, which translates English Christmas terms into other languages.

Explore The North Pole

Santa’s Village includes the North Pole Airport. Users can slow down or speed up the security line at the airport, which changes people’s clothes to elf costumes. Santa’s Village also includes a short video called “A Day At The Museum.”

How To Track Santa On Christmas Eve

google santa tracker
Google launches Santa's Village as it countdown the Santa Tracker feature on Christmas Eve. Google

Besides the Tracker app and site, people have other ways to keep up with the Santa on Christmas Eve. Google Chromecast users can broadcast Santa’s journey on TV and Android Wear owners can keep up with their device. Those who have a Google Home or a Pixel smartphone can ask the assistant where Santa is currently delivering presents on Christmas Eve.


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