Google's mysterious social project is finally materializing in the form of its new offering Google +1. Techcrunch first broke the news of Google +1 launch which is expected tomorrow, after accessing the information through a Google affiliate agency. The new feature will render a personal aura to your Google searches by showing up results from sources that you know and trust.

+1 is paraphrased by Google as the next online symbol for 'this is pretty cool'. The new feature would have an option to +1 a webpage or an ad, if you like it, which will show up in the search results if a Google contact of yours is looking for anything related to what you +1 'd. Google blog post introducing +1 says, The beauty of +1’s is their relevance — you get the right recommendations (because they come from people who matter to you), at the right time (when you are actually looking for information about that topic) and in the right format (your search results).

Ever since co-founder Larry Page took over as the new CEO after the former CEO and now executive chairman Eric Schmidt, social media industry has been expecting drastic changes in Google's operations. Its social project was touted as extremely critical in the battle against Facebook to attract social media users.

Initially the feature will appear only in search results which will be extended to other Google products and services in the coming weeks. Your online social contacts across platforms including Google Chat, Buzz, and Reader will be integrated through your Google profile which requires upgradation to use the new tool. The feature can be controlled using the Google account Dashboard where all that you have +1 'd will appear free to editing. Even if you happen to not have a single contact that +1 'd the topic you are looking for Google will show up results with webpages +1 'd by other sources across the world.

While it remains unclear whether your Facebook contacts will be integrated in your Google social circle, a significant amount of momentum is expected from Twitter, Flickr, and Quora, those with an open system of operation as opposed to the closed system of Facebook.

The recent PR fiasco that held Facebook culprit, where they tried planting contrived stories on rival Google's social search project, had attracted people's attention to what is brewing in the labs of Google. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt's confession, on Tuesday at the All Things Digital conference in California, that he couldn't pull through required defending measures to impede threat posed by Facebook came a day ahead of the +1 launch.

Google representative Jim Prosser, in an interview with Mashable, made it clear that +1 is indeed one of Google's strategic step to compete Facebook. The new feature will require users to be logged in to their Google accounts in order to see the +1 recommendations which is expected to give a boost to the number of Google account users.

+1 is anticipated to have a strong impact on Facebook's Like, which has been gaining immense popularity among the users.