Following a Federal Communications Commission's investigation, Google has cut a fee charged to users who want to cancel using their Nexus One smartphone before four months from $350 to $150.

On Jan. 26, the Federal Communications Commission's Consumer Task Force launched an inquiry into the Early Termination Fees (ETFs). The commission sent letters to AT&T, Google, Sprint and T-Mobile asking how ETFs are charged and if consumers are adequately informed of the ETFs.

Consumers have been surprised by this policy and by its financial impact. Please let us know your rationale(s) for these combined fees, and whether you have coordinated or will coordinate on these fees and on the disclosure of their combined effect, the Consumer Task Force said in the letter.

In response, Google quietly reduced its ETF on Monday on the Nexus One by lowering its early termination penalty from $350 to $150.

Spotty 3G is one reason Nexus One users might cite as reason to void their contracts with Google and T-Mobile. Google is pushing out a software fix for this to the Android 2.1 operating system on the device.

Meanwhile, Google has also launched a Nexus One phone support line, according to CNET News.

The new phone support line is intended to answer any questions that Nexus One owners might have about their devices. The number for the support line is 888-48NEXUS and is open between 4 a.m. and 7 p.m. PST.