Google took a break from its regularly scheduled Olympic-themed doodles on the homepage of the search engine Wednesday to mark Valentine’s Day, sort of. The doodle gracing the homepage Wednesday showed a couple of “love birds” doing an ice skating routine.

Google says the two have been together “since they were chicks” and that “birds of a feather skate together.” The animation of the two birds shows the pair skating in sync and ending the routine in a hug. Other “snow games” themed doodles since the Winter Olympic Games began have included turtle curling and bear skiing.

google doodle valentine
Google's doodle on Wednesday incorporated Valentine's Day and the Olympics. Google Doodle

But the Google Doodle from last year is still a favorite for many. The doodle doubled as a game and also told an adorable story about Pangolins for Google users.

The objective of the game is for users, playing as an endangered Pangolin, to deliver a Valentine to another one of the endangered animals. As the Pangolin travels along it has to avoid traps and gather food until it can make it through all the levels of the game and deliver the Valentine.

Google made the doodle in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to bring awareness to the species. The Pangolin is the only scaly mammal on Earth and is also the most trafficked for their meat and scales.