Google will soon roll out a new service called Google Voice that is built with technology obtained through its 2007 acquisition of Internet telephony company GrandCentral.

The new service allows users to link their home, work and cellphone numbers to a new number, whose voicemails they can check online or by text message.

Users can access and make calls from the phone and the Web, block any callers at will, and record custom greetings for different callers or groups of callers, according to Google.

If you don't answer a call to your Google number, your callers will be sent to your Google voicemail. You can check messages by calling your Google number, by signing in to Google Voice, or by opting in to receive notifications.

The Google Voice service launched in March for closed testing with a limited audience that consisted of existing GrandCentral users. Google introduced a number of highly impressive features such as automatic message transcription and free SMS delivery.

The transcription feature will convert voicemails to text and make them searchable. The service can also automatically forward voicemail transcripts directly to your preferred e-mail account.

Google has not yet announced an official release date for this new service.