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Google has selected Huawei for the 2015 Nexus, which will either succeed Motorola's Nexus 6 or be a lower-cost alternative to a second model made by LG. Pictured is the Huawei Mate 7. Reuters

Google Inc. is working with Huawei on its next Nexus smartphone for 2015, according to a report citing an analyst. The low-cost device will likely succeed the LG Nexus 5, released in 2013, as opposed to last year’s Nexus 6.

Earlier rumors pegged Huawei as the manufacturer for a 2015 Nexus model, expected to run a new version of Google’s operating system, codenamed Android M. Kevin Yang, director of China research at market analysis firm iSuppli, claims he can confirm earlier reports from tech blog GizmoChina.

Yang did not mention the second half of the Nexus 6 rumors -- that Google plans two Nexus smartphones for 2015. Earlier reports claimed Korean manufacturer LG will also partner with Google to produce a higher-end Android M flagship more in line with the current-generation Nexus 6.

Motorola’s Nexus 6, released last fall, has received positive reviews but Google claims that sales are bogged down by production issues. The Nexus 6 (2014) was also priced much higher than its predecessors like the LG-made Nexus 5 (2013) and Nexus 4 (2012).

Huawei is also considering whether to include its own proprietary chipset in the lower-priced Nexus or a processor from Qualcomm, GizmoChina said.