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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Getty

A big strength for Google’s Android mobile phone platform has been its affordability versus competing phone ecosystems like Apple iOS. Now, Google hopes that it can go even cheaper.

In an interview via NDTV, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said developing markets like India need to have smartphones that cost less than $30.

"I think two big things, one is from our side — we are committed to making even cheaper smartphones,” Pichai said, according to Mashable. “The right price point for smartphones in India is $30, and pursuing high quality smartphones at the price point will unlock it even more."

The statement comes as Google’s Pichai tours through India to highlight the company’s work and outreach effort in the country. Along with the mention of smartphone pricing, Pichai discussed Google’s efforts to develop digital literacy for Indians in rural areas. This week, Google also launched Digital Unlocked, a program designed to bring small and mid-sized businesses to the internet.

While Android is a major player among mobile users in India, Pichai says more affordable models could help boost adoption rates and improve access to the Internet and online services for more users.

“It’s very much core to our mission statement,” Pichai said. “We really try hard to build products that work for everyone in the world.”

Android’s scalability has played a major role in its growth and Google has directly gone into the affordable smartphone market before. In 2014, the company launched Android One, a series of smartphones that were designed and targeted for users in developing countries.