Google plans to roll out a service that would allow users to listen to songs for free over the internet or purchase them, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

Google's One Box initiative will be made possible through partnerships with four online music services. There will streaming songs from, song samples from, and song purchasing options from Apple iTunes and from

Content will be displayed in a similar way to how companies get individual pages for Google Inc.'s financial news service. The music page will package a musician's or band's image, artwork, news and song previews, along with a way to buy songs.

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” Google said that revenue from the service will be split between the music services and the record labels.

The four major record labels—Warner Music Group Corp., EMI Group Ltd., Sony Corp.'s Sony Music Entertainment and Vivendi SA's Universal Music Group—have all licensed their catalogs for the initiative, which is expected to launch next week.

Google views the system as a way to retain users, and not a direct revenue source, according to the report.