Gordon and Essen
Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Commissioner Sarah Essen (Zabryna Guevara) try to stop the Maniax from creating chaos on "Gotham" Season 2, episode 2. Nicole Rivelli/FOX.

A new day has come to Gotham City. “Gotham” Season 2 has been billed as the “rise of the villains.” It only took two episodes in Fox’s pre-Batman drama to see the villains have risen to a new evil force unlike anything the city ever has seen, especially in episode 2 “Knock, Knock.”

Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) and his group of Arkham inmates make their first headline by kidnapping seven shipyard workers and pushing them off the roof of the “Gotham Gazette” after spray painting letters on them. Each worker was dropped in such a way that their bodies spelled out “Maniax!” on the street below.

In his apartment, Theo Galavan (James Frain) tells the Maniax their introduction was just an overture, now the audience is hushed and ready for more. Barbara (Erin Richards) comes in with Tabitha and they want to know why only boys are having fun. Galavan decides to get Barbara in on the action and asks what she knows about her ex-boyfriend Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie).

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) continue to look around Thomas Wayne’s secret office behind the fireplace. Bruce wants to know what is on his father’s computer, but Alfred smashes the hard drive with a hammer. Alfred believes whatever is on that computer killed Bruce’s father and he doesn’t want Bruce to suffer the same fate. Bruce is upset with Alfred and fires him.

Jerome establishes himself as the leader of the Maniax at Galavan’s apartment after squaring off against the cannibal Greenwood (Dustin Ybarra) in a game of Russian roulette. Greenwood takes one shot and passes it to Jerome, who pulls the trigger three times on himself, but no bullet comes out. Galavan is very impressed with Jerome and makes him the boss.

Gordon, who has been assigned the Maniax case, goes to the bar Bullock (Donal Logue) works at to try to get him to come back to GCPD. Bullock’s fiancée, Scottie (Maria Thayer), doesn’t want him to go back to work and Bullock says he has a life now. However, he doesn’t let Gordon leave empty handed, telling him to look into the shipyard from where the seven workers came. Bullock’s tip pans out, and Gordon discovers the Maniax stole a refueling truck from the shipyard.

The Maniax hijack a school bus filled with cheerleaders. Jerome chains each of them to their seats and then covers them with fuel from the refueling truck. Jerome goes to set the bus on fire, but the lighter doesn’t work. By the time he gets another the police show up.

Theo Galavan (James Frain) has plans for Barbara (Erin Richards) in "Gotham" Season 2, episode 2. Nicole Rivelli/FOX

After a hail of gunfire, Jerome, Greenwood and Helzinger (Stink Fisher) take off in the refueling truck while Dobkin (Will Brill) tries to use the lighter to set fire to he bus. Gordon is able to disarm Dobkin while also driving the school bus to safety and saving the cheerleaders. Dobkin is placed under arrest but before Gordon can get information out of him, Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas) shoots him with a sniper rifle.

Bruce goes to the train station to stop Alfred from leaving. He doesn’t want Alfred to go, but he wants Alfred to understand he can’t stop Bruce from carrying out his father’s work. Alfred says it could be dangerous, which is why Bruce wants Alfred to train him. Alfred agrees, but Bruce has to listen to everything Alfred says. Bruce agrees, but says as his part of the deal, Alfred has to fix the computer.

Barbara calls Gordon at GCPD headquarters. He asks her to turn herself in, when he sees her standing near the doorway of the station while on a cell phone. She ends the call and walks out the door as Gordon goes after her. When Gordon leaves, Jerome and the Maniax go into GCPD headquarters disguised as cops and begin shooting as many officers as they can. Jerome ties up Essen and says they plan on leaving a mark on the city as he laughs and looks to harm Essen.

Gordon catches up to Barbara, but he’s attacked from behind by Helzinger and beaten badly. Barbara stops Helzinger from killing Gordon and tells Gordon she’s not sick, she’s free. She also suggests he get back to work because who knows what could’ve gone wrong since he left.

By the time Gordon makes it back to headquarters, the Maniax are gone. Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) was able to hide from the Maniax and wasn’t hurt, but Police Commissioner Sarah Essen (Zabryna Guevara) was left for dead. Her wounds are fatal and she dies a week into her new role as commissioner.

Following the loss of Essen, Bullock comes back to work, which gives Jim his old partner back. The two look at a tape recorded by Jerome that’s a joker-esque message to the city saying people should “hold onto their hats, because they ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Other Major Moments From Episode 2

  • Nygma tries to muster the courage to ask out Ms. Kringle (Chelsea Spack), but in the end decides not to and ends up arguing with the evil half of himself. Nygma later redeems himself when he saves Kringle from the Maniax when they invade GCPD headquarters.
  • Alfred reaches out to Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) to see if he can confide in him about Bruce. The two come to an agreement and Lucius agrees to fix Bruce’s father’s computer. Lucius loved Thomas Wayne and only has Bruce’s best interests in mind.
  • Bruce goes to see Gordon after the GCPD massacre. He apologizes for being harsh on him and the future partners in crime fighting share a moment.