“Gotham” fan-favorite Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) barely made an appearance in its 4th season, especially after his boss, Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed) was placed in a coma.

So when “Gotham” was green-lit for a fifth and final season, Carrigan is thrilled that his character will get a chance to continue his story.

“Well, I’m curious myself,” Carrigan told Comic Book. “I’m excited that we got a fifth season. I’m very, very happy for everyone on Gotham. They totally deserve it, and deserve to kind of really, really, really tie it up together nicely. And also I was happy too because Victor Zsasz essentially left to go get a milkshake. That was, like, the last line that he has, and I was like, ‘He can’t just go get a milkshake and never come back again. Come on.’”

Carrigan suspects that the writers of “Gotham” are going to venture to “some interesting directions” that will keep fans on their toes, so he is quite excited to see how Zsasz would adapt to that new world.

However, the actor admitted that he has no clue how they would do it. “I mean, I’m pretty much waiting to find out, you know? That’s an actor's life,” he said. “You're just kind of waiting for the script, and then you do it. Every once in awhile you get a little tidbit of where it's going to go, but I like to ... I don't know. I like to be surprised by it. I like to kind of unwrap the present once we're about to do it, and then just dive right in.”

While fans breathed a sigh of relief after the Fox show was renewed for a fifth and final season, the number of episodes was significantly reduced from the usual 22 to just 10.

What producers are busy working on right now is another series starring Alfred Pennyworth, the loyal butler and guardian of billionaire Bruce Wayne.

“Pennyworth” will be a 10-episode, straight-to-series order, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It will be Alfred’s origin story, and “Gotham” showrunner Bruno Heller will be helming the reins.

The new show is not really a spinoff of “Gotham,” since it will be an entirely new story following Alfred’s history as a British SAS soldier who eventually gets employed and befriends Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father, during 1960s London.

According to reports, Sean Pertwee will not be playing the role. Casting has not yet begun, and the show is slated for release in 2019.

Anthony Carrigan is thrilled that Victor Zsasz’s story will continue in “Gotham” Season 5. FOX