Michigan grandmother Sandra Layne took the stand Wednesday to say she shot her teenage grandson, Jonathan Hoffman, because she feared him after a drug-induced argument.

According to the New York Daily News, Layne’s attorney, Jerome Sabbota, stated that on the day of the killing, the 75-year-old woman had accompanied Hoffman, 17, to a court-ordered drug test after a previous marijuana conviction.

Sabbota claims that the teen argued with his grandmother, a retired schoolteacher, asking for money and car keys in fear that he had violated his probation after he had smoked synthetic marijuana. The fight led to the shooting, the defense says.

Layne pleaded not guilty to murder and firearms charges in July, claiming self-defense. She says Hoffman hit and kicked her during the argument, according to Michigan Live.

Layne told prosecutors Wednesday that she couldn’t see a target when the shooting occured because of marijuana smoke in the home.

“There is smoke in the house and I still can’t hear well, but then I see police at the house. I try to ask them what to do,” said Layne.

Hoffman can be heard on the 911 call screaming and confirming that his grandmother shot him in the chest and stomach.

According to the Daily News, Hoffman also told Detroit dispatchers that Layne also shot him in the arm. He suffered a total of five gunshots.

“I’m going to die. Help,” said Hoffman before the fatal shot was fired.

While Layne says she did not intentionally kill Hoffman, she can be seen taking a long pause before answering why she originally shot the gun in a video of the trial from the Associated Press.

“There was a struggle again and I was afraid. It was terrible,” said Layne.

Layne is expected to resume her testimony on Thursday.