The thief was only interested in the banana, disturbing nothing else in the gas station. Reuters

Forget a register full of cash. One Connecticut man used his criminal mind to capture a healthier prize.

Police in Newington, Conn., are searching for a man who backed his SUV into a gas station only to steal a banana and then flee the scene.

WRC-TV reports that a burglary alarm was activated at 1:48 a.m. at the Citgo Gas Station. When officers responded to the scene, there was major damage to the store's doors. After looking through the gas station's surveillance video, they made a surprising discovery. The footage showed a light-colored Ford Freestyle station wagon back into the store's entrance several times, eventually breaking the glass.

The SUV's male driver then entered the store, retrieved a banana from a shelf, peeled the fruit and ate it before exiting the gas station.

The man wore a dark jacket, dark pants and a brown hat. The vehicle he left the scene in has has damage to the driver’s side rear bumper and tail light. Newington Police

Police say the man wasn't wearing any type of mask to cover his face -- as you can see in the photo above. He stole no other items from the store except the lone fruit. Authorities are now hoping to identify the suspect who is obviously dedicated to getting his daily requirement of potassium.