Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are testing the Green Wheel, a system that can power a bike with electricity and can be installed on any bike frame or wheel size.

The Green Wheel can provide enough power to travel approximately 25 miles without pedaling and if pedaling, the range of miles can double if the traveler's speed is below 30 miles per hour, the developers said.

The Green Wheel can generate, store and propel power and can be charged by pedaling or by plugging it into the electric grid. It is composed of three main elements, an electric generator, batteries and an electric motor. It has the radius of a small dinner plate and 2 inches thick, reports.

Developers at MIT had said certain technical knowledge is required to install the electric system, according to Discovery. The Green Wheel has an estimated durability of 40,000 miles or the equivalent to driving 20 miles per business day for eight years, the channel reports.

A bike with the Green Wheel works like any motorcycle, increasing its power when the handle mounted throttle is turned.