When exploring the different ways you can earn and invest your money today, you most likely considered joining the world of cryptocurrency – an industry that is only growing. This is most likely in response to the past couple of years, when the COVID-19 pandemic perpetuated an even greater dependence on the Internet. In turn, greater fear was instilled in those that just relied on in-person jobs, and greater confidence came in those that could earn remotely. Henceforth, included in the mix of remote earnings was the further exploration of digital currencies and its potential for passive income.

However, as the cryptocurrency world grew, so did the amount of energy required to maintain it. Because of the methods large cryptocurrency companies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, use to mine coins, the efficiency of mining only decreases because of its increased complexity. As a result, to continue its growth a continuously exponential use of power and energy will be needed. In fact, one year of Bitcoin transactions can add up to 122.87 Terawatt-hours of electricity , which is greater than that of the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, or the Netherlands.

Therefore, exploring the alternatives for cryptocurrency has never been more crucial as we go deeper into the scope of the Web. GreenCoin.AI (GRC) is an example of a company that is taking that step towards a more sustainable future for crypto, as their methods are not only beneficial for the environment, but for their users as well. Through their built-in ecosystem, users can either purchase solar-powered GRC coins or accumulate them through the recording of their physical activity and the calories they burn. In other words, the user will gain coins based off their fitness performance and efforts. They can then add these GRC coins to their G-wallet, which can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or Fiat.

Moreover, to continue the expansion of their scope, they will be releasing a fitness line in 2022/2023 that includes products like the Green Crypto Bike, the GreenCoin Watch, Green Coin Mirror, and the Green Coin Treadmill. With these devices, users can easily track their exercise and progress, as well as maintain motivation through their coaching features. This will allow for the maximization of their GRC coin earnings. With just the physical sector within the health and wellness industry expecting to pass $1.1 trillion by 2023 , there is immense potential in the success of their products.

Ultimately, GreenCoin.AI (GRC)’s mission is to target three areas of living: the environment, health and wellness, and one’s wealth. Aiming to create an all-inclusive membership community, they want to “provide a Sustainable Decentralized Ecosystem where every GreenCoin Collector will improve their Health, Wealth, and Happiness.”

To further explore their services, products, and mission, visit their website.

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