For more than 10 years “Grey’s Anatomy” has been drawing in viewers with twisted medical cases, steamy romances and dramatic plot points. With a number of central stars having left the show during that time, fans fear the curtain may soon be closing on ABC’s top rated show.

Star Ellen Pompeo recently opened up about when she thought “Grey’s Anatomy” may come to an end, assuring fans that they’ve got plenty of time to tune in to the chaos that ensues at Seattle’s Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress said that she is continually surprised by the success of “Grey’s Anatomy,” especially after so many years on the air. She and creator Shonda Rhimes will continue to monitor this success and ultimately, their decision will likely be based off that. She told THR that she and her co-stars are having “fun” filming and as long as the public continues to enjoy watching them work together, “Grey’s Anatomy” will continue airing new episodes.

“We’re blessed to be able to go on this long. As long as the show is successful, and Shonda and I and the cast are having fun, I think that will be a decision that Shonda and I come to,” Pompeo said. “Obviously the network and the studio will have some say. There’s no talk of going away with numbers like this. As long as the show’s a success — I mean, it’s so fun! It’s such rarified air. To have a show on the air for this long and have it be this successful and have it be driving a whole night of television and be the network’s No. 1 show. I’m super grateful and I don’t want to take that for granted and I don’t want to walk away from the golden goose. I want to put a leash around it and take it everywhere with me!”

With our fears about “Grey’s Anatomy” ending out of the way, we are free to focus on Season 13. The series returned to ABC on Sept. 22, diving head first into the drama. DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) was admitted to the hospital in rough shape after being pummeled by Alex (Justin Chambers). The doctors scrambled to lend a helping hand any way they could while Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was left battling with the knowledge of who hurt DeLuca. After wrestling with her conscience and a conflict with half-sister Maggie (Kelly McCreary) regarding her relationship with Riggs (Martin Henderson), Meredith decides she has to turn Alex in. She does and he is promptly arrested, raising questions about the future of his career, his relationship with Meredith and his romance with Jo (Camilla Luddington).

A synopsis for the second episode suggests Alex will have to deal with the fallout from his arrest while Meredith questions her loyalties. It remains unclear whether that will pertain to her friendship with him or the relationship she and Maggie have formed. Meanwhile Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) are getting used to married life. The pair will invite unexpected coworkers over for a dinner party. They’re not the only ones facing major life changes. Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) are trying to figure out how to be parents to a newborn baby while also being separated. Jackson will propose a new option during episode 2, titled “Catastrophe and The Cure.”

Be sure to tune in Thurdsays at 8 p.m. EDT to ABC for “Grey’s Anatomy.”