Dr. Meredith Grey is in the house — and according to reports, that’s exactly where the beloved “Grey’s Anatomy” surgeon will stay after signing a new deal with the network.

Entertainment Weekly revealed that Ellen Pompeo, lead actress of the hit ABC drama, signed a fresh deal that will keep her saving lives and locking lips inside of Grey Sloan Memorial hospital. However, details regarding how long the deal will last have yet to be revealed.

This means audiences will get the chance to continue following Meredith on her new, solo journey after her husband Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) death. (McDreamy left the long-running series in Season 11, despite having one year left on his contract.) During the 2015 Television Critics Association, Shonda Rhimes, creator of the medical drama, revealed that Meredith’s single status would mean a rebirth for the show’s protagonist.

“What I’m excited about is the medical growth that she’s experiencing as a leader, who she’s becoming as a person and the evolution of that woman and where she’s going,” the showrunner divulged. “I guess the theme is rebirth, which I’m really excited about for all of the characters but really for Meredith.”

Throughout Season 12, viewers watched Meredith tackle jaw-dropping medical cases, find her identity and even make out with a new hospital hottie — and that was just within the span of 24 episodes! Viewers will continue to watch Meredith grow following her new deal with the network.

“Grey’s Anatomy” was renewed for a thirteenth season in March.