Fans are still reeling from Shonda Rhimes’ latest “Grey’s Anatomy” storyline. During the April 23 episode of the ABC drama, titled “How To Save A Life,” Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) met an untimely end. After saving a family from a nasty car wreck, the TV neurosurgeon was struck by a truck while leaving the scene. The accident left him brain-dead, forcing his wife Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) to pull the plug on the love of her life.

“Grey’s” viewers were heartbroken, going so far as to create a Change.Org petition asking the show’s creator to rewrite the whole thing as a bad dream. Still, it was something else that had them truly up in arms. With Meredith stuck between a rock and a hard place with no one left to back her up, many expected a comeback by her longtime confidant Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh).

Up until Season 10, Cristina played the role of Meredith’s “person.” The two leaned on one another through breakups, shootings, bad surgeries and more – even as they grew apart in later seasons. Cristina eventually moved away, accepting a job in Switzerland and leaving her friend to deal with the ups and downs of life at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital alone.

It has since been revealed that Yang will not be returning to the series this season. Because we’re sure you’re as disappointed as we are, here are five reasons we can’t believe Cristina’s not coming back to “Grey’s Anatomy.”

1. Meredith Has No Support System

With Derek out of the picture and most of the remaining staff wrapped up in their own storylines, Meredith has no one to lean on. Cristina has always been Meredith’s go-to when troubles come, so it’s only fitting that she come back to help her cope with this life-changing event.

2. We Miss Cristina’s Sage Advice

No matter the situation, Cristina always had some wise, yet oh-so-snarky, piece of advice to offer. She’s seen Meredith through the best and worst of times and now, more than ever, we feel her two cents would be a welcome addition to the series.

3. Viewers Are Long Overdue For A Cristina-Owen Hunt Reunion

Prior to her move, Cristina ended her relationship with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), whom she had been with off and on since he appeared on the show in 2010. The on-screen couple have always had an undeniable chemistry and we, along with many other viewers, would love to see them give love a try once more.

4. We’ve Gone Far Too Long Without A Life Update From Her

The last time “Grey’s Anatomy” checked in with Cristina she was in the earliest stages of her new job overseas. Viewers are practically begging for an update and, whether it happens in Season 11 or not, Rhimes seems to think it will happen in the future. She recently told Entertainment Weekly that if she didn’t at least “come back for the series finale, I would hurt her.”

5. If Cristina Returns, Fans May Also See Shane Ross Once More

Shane Ross (Gaius Charles) was the promising young resident who left for Switzerland with Cristina. Ross’ character played an important role in the cast during his early days on the show, but was not heard from again after leaving Seattle.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursday night at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.